Time to Get Your Party Started!

Here are 5 Quick Steps you can take to get your party started.

  1. Figure out where your riding is and connect with people in your riding. (If you have questions about this tool, contact Becca at voteparyinfo@gmail.com)
  2. Set up a Facebook Event for OCTOBER 19, 2015 and invite everyone you know who lives in your riding (and encourage those who don’t to check us out here!)
  3. Check in with us here to see where the Poll Closin’ Party is going to be or start your own, if you’re outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. And let us know! We’ll help you inform the public about your party!
  4. Tell us about all the cool stuff you just did! Take pictures of yourself and your friends. Post them like crazy and tag us! We would love to see how you inspire those around you.
  5. VOTE!

There are lots of ways to get involved. Here’s the breakdown.

Remember, Voteparty is about You. This is a tool for you to use to get Your friends, family, comrades and even  enemies, out to the polls (maybe in togas) and out to the bars after. This can take any form you would like – houseparties (especially for you 18 year olds), campus-wide toga parties, bar-nights, bonfires, or sharing a cup of tea with your parents before you hit the hay


We have divided things into several steps, to make them easier to conceptualize – and also so that we can give them each cool names! But that said, it’s all fluid – we want you to taylor your experience into the experience you want to have, and the results you will find satisfying.

Step 1: The Participant
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Do not underestimate the value of being a participant. An event without attendees, a movement without movers, a democracy without voters – is nothing. This is the most important step.

Join the Party! Come out to the polls! Maybe even find a local voteparty around you and message them to join, go out with your friends, or bring your parents out for a drink after you vote. Wanna be bold?

Wanna make a statement? Vote – In a toga.

(Partying in a toga after is another Great idea!)

Or support us on social media!

We Love it when you Share us on Facebook ,  invite your friends to our facebook events or send them our link, and give the ol’ @VotePartyCAN a tweet!

Step 2: The Instigator

So maybe you shared or tweeted Voteparty, you want to have a party to go to after you vote – but you do not yourself want to be the creator of this party.  Maybe you want it to be big, but its just too much for just you to fit into your schedule. Instigate! Find your friends that love throwing parties, and give them a new idea for a party – a VoteParty!  Call your friends that love togas, and give them something new to do in a toga – vote, and then party! Facebook your friends that are all about political awareness, and suggest to them a way to get their friends involved – by throwing a voteparty! Basically, get other people to throw the vote party for you – so you can just hit the poles and relax.

Step 3: The Mobilizer
(the .. Wildcard? The Leiutenant? The Captain? The Party-Tzar? The Game-Changer? The Party Master?)
Become the Party Master

Maybe you love democracy, feel strongly about politics, and would like a way to get others involved. Maybe you want to spread your wings as a party organizer and/or mobilizer. Or maybe just love the idea of partying – in a toga – and hey, why not vote first. This is where it gets juicy: Create your Own Voteparty. Everyone’s will be different, but we’ve got a couple of steps to show you how we would do it or give you some ideas.

1) Choose a Venue! House, bar, field, parents’ basement – whatever.  Bars and pubs are actually pretty amenable to holding an event – even if you want to involve togas!  If you approach them and let them know, let us know – we will put them on this website as a Supporting Venue. We also have posters you can ask them to put up – if it will designate them as a Voteparty Venue, chances are good they will bite, and you may even get a discount on pitchers out of them 😉

2) Togas! Choose whether to ask, invite, or tell people to wear their togas either out to the polls or atleast to the after party.  Wanna make a statement? The choice is up to you/them… However, we recommend “Yes.”

3) Tell the People! Invite them/create event with whatever means you so choose. Most of our people use Facebook events, and you can use Twitter if you are ready for a more public guestlist. That said, if an email to your coworkers or a handwritten note delivered by a masked horseman on a foggy night is more your speed – well Boom Diggedy.
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4) Let us know! We’d love to put you on our Local Leaderboard, or have you post on our blog
5) Get people excited! Send them our url to have a look at Voteparty – or atleast a tutorial on how to tie a toga
6) Arm your team with Knowledge! We will be posting a “Riding Finder” (where to vote), info on how to vote, and also a great survey by the CBC on how to find which party you mesh with -check it out on our Politics 101 page.
7) Boom Diggidy. Out to the Polls, and then Out to the Pahtay

Step 4: the General

Why stop at one?  Send out the VoteParty links and RidingFinder to friends in distant corners of Canada, and help them to set up their own voteparties. Send the RidingFinder or Voteparty link around the office, so all the young guns can start their own, or contact a couple of different local bars and get them to put up VP signs to attract clients/spread the word. The World is your oyster. In the words of General George Patton, “Luck favours those in motion.” Get mobilized.

Step 5: The Revolutionary
“Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacroix
Perhaps you feel so strongly about democracy, that you want to get a whole city or campus out to the polls. Perhaps your lust for local notoriety will only be satisfied by a giant toga party of epic proportions. Perhaps your skills at organizing humans and catalyzing change are muscles that need to be flexed, wings to be spread, and Voteparty will provide you with that opportunity.
You are what we need. You are what this country needs.
If this is you, than really – the sky is the limit to your involvement. Maybe you just want to get some friends together to hand out posters to all the bars in your area. Maybe you want to go door to door asking people to come vote and handing out hand-written invitations to the democracy-Afterparty. Baby, it’s all you – but here are a couple things we recommend:

1) Establish a War-Council. No (person) is an island – the more people you have, the more you can do.  Maybe they are interested friends, or maybe you put out a call on Craig’s List for volunteers and screened their resumés. But, take some time to get to know what each member’s skills and passions are, so they can get fully into it and really shine.
2) Contact Other Groups. Tell people what you are doing – chances are good they will respond!  Libraries can put up posters, so can bars and restaurants. Local groups may be all over it and want to schedule something on Meetup.com. Book clubs may want to email their participants or have a VP of their own.  Colleges and Universities are a hotbed of students that may not be familiar with voting or voting in a new city: they usually have events-teams looking for the next excuse to hold an event , and simply contacting their events team could bring a huge number of people on board.
5) Did we mention bars?  Seriously – they serve booze. That’s pretty cool.  And most of them would welcome the potential to have extra clients that come for a voteparty, or having a sign up.
6) Get Publicity! They say doing something without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark – you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.  Contact the local news, or blog about it, or make youtube videos – Boom Diggedy
7) Get People Pumped.  Be it by engaging various groups in our T-shirt contest, or sending out pre-election updates and tweeting #Voteparty, or something else you come up with.
8) Vote, in Togas, and then Party. The part where you watch your efforts come to fruition, and sit back with a cold one to contemplate your contribution to this country. Well done.