There are so many groups out there, rocking out and shaking things up on the political landscape and we here at VoteParty feel very lucky to be partying with these committed and innovative groups! 

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With a rare and cutting humour that consistently hits the nail on the head, F-oFF creatively and informatively comments on Canadian politics and the upcoming Federal Election. Have something to say? Send it to them!

Canadian Youth Vote Alliance
website coming soon! These plucky partiers are taking on the task of coordinating all these efforts! Brave brave souls …

VoteSavvy –

These guys take their partying super seriously. They want to help you not only vote but vote like a boss. Check out their toolkits and quiz!


You know exactly where these folks will be come election night! Out in T.O’s Jane and Finch area being voting enablers, spreading cheer and civil engagement. Now that’s something we can get behind.


Our friends on the West Coast are pumping out energy and excitement like you wouldn’t believe.

VotePromise – 

It’s the Buddy System! But for voting! Take your stubborn friend and drag them out to the polls, like the dutiful friend you are!

Pollenize –

Feeling overwhelmed by all the information, attack ads, facebook posts, news articles, etc. out there? Check out these guys for an informative (and pretty!) breakdown of where the parties stand.

These smarty pants have made getting informed about the issues super easy. Wanna know where each party stands on current affairs like ISIS and Bill C-51? Check them out.

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