Vote Party: when you Vote (in a Toga?) and then Party!!

In this site, you will find:

  • Steps on getting your own party started!
  • A Brief History of Democracy, which is also more on our rational of why we started the event – and why Toga Parties are included
  • Canadian Politics 101: info on How to vote, how to find your riding (or “where to vote”) and resources on finding out about political parties (who to vote for.)
  • T-Shirt Contest, Materials to post on Bar Windows for approching bars, and links to Social Media

Apathy is Passé.  We live in Canada: a country where we are allowed, encouraged even, to choose our own rulership, through voting in a democracy. Here at, we get pretty jazzed up about that. It gets us going.   It spins our knobs! We want to celebrate it.  And, most of all, we want to share – our passion for voting, some tools to get those around you to get into voting, and ofcourse the celebration – with you.

Our mission is to change the culture of political apathy in our demographic, and bring the celebration back to this wonderful system called democracy.  We hope to create a movement of young people getting excited about democracy, sharing it with their friends, building partnerships and community through bringing people together, and then celebrating after. We want to put the Party back into Vote Party.

This site is about You. It’s about you using the steps you feel comfortable with, to get the results that you will find fullfilling, be it getting an entire university campus out to the polls and a massive toga party, or getting one recalcitrant friend out voting and then sharing a glass of water with your cat before bed. We love it all. We are here to provide some inspiration, ideas and tools – but the momentum for this movement, is You and those like you.

Fact: the current government was elected by %30 of voters, and only %36 of Canadians voted. Considering how much democracy and freedom has been celebrated, fought for, revolted for, sufraget’d for (is that a word?) and so on – that turn out is pretty low. It also means that the current government represents about %10 of actual Canadians. But this October, we have a chance to hit Refresh, and participate in choosing a government that will better represent ourselves, those we care about, and the diversity of this entire country. A lot of people our age say they don’t vote because politicians don’t talk to their needs and interests. This is correct – because politicians know youth don’t vote much, so why would they cater to us?  By making our voices hear – we can change that.

Who We Are

Michael Masurkevitch, local aspiring actor, who loves to party and loves to vote! Started this website to bring people together and celebrate democracy – and also as an excuse to have Toga parties, because going to a bar in a toga just feels amazing.
DB mit Knife

Becca Petricevic, local aspiring mediator.  Started this website as a tool for others to encourage their friends to vote, and also to host other tools that will help individuals (and their Vote Parties!) get useful information like where to vote and where to find candidates.

Together, we seek to Vote, get our friends voting, Wear Togas, tweet #Voteparty a lot, and help You do the same! Because voting is like any other movement – every single person counts, but when we get a lot of them together, the Whole is a heckofalot greater than the sum of parts.
So let’s put the Party back in Votepary.