First things first:
How to Tie a Toga (ie. from a bedsheet)

Second things second –
Boys, Girls, and non-hetero-Normatives – what will You be drinking after you vote in the 2015 Federal Election? Tara Lynn‘s Buzzfeed quiz should give you a couple hints! ‪#‎CelebrateDemocracy‬!

Check out our Buzzfeed quiz!!  What Drink Should You Drink After You Vote?

Now, you may be wondering,” You guys have talked a lot about Togas, and a lot about Greeks – but Togas were actually Roman!”Toga
Well played, Jeff.  Well played.  You got me again.
Well first off – Rome was itself a democratic Republic, until the takeover of a popular general named Julius, who became the first Emperor (or Caesar – so when people say “Emperor Caesar” just shake your head at them). So initially, democracy was just as much their thing as it is ours.  Secondly, while the word “Toga” is Roman, the Ancient Greeks wore something called a “chiton” which is basically – yup, you gue7568802_Gssed it – a toga.  Just slightly older.  Plus, if you tell people to go vote in a Chiton, they will look at you with confusion or loathing, while thanks to a variety of Frat parties (and movies like Animal House) most Canadians know that a Toga is a sheet wrapped around your body.

While we’re discussing Greco-Roman things, here’s one of my favorite comedy shorts – Wayne and Shuster do Rome, in “Rinse the Blood Off My Toga”

Anyway.  Welcome to the Party Page!!!

As always, this site is about You.  How you make your statement or throw your party (including tea with Grandma, and by golly I bet she could tell you a thing or two about her experiences with democracy) is how you feel.  What we’re about is more the ancient Greek ideal to not only vote, but celebrate democracy. That said, here are some fun things we will have thought of.
So far there is just a t-shirt contest (if we get enough interest we will actually make them, and sell them at cost).  There will be posters up soon, for people who want to bring them to their local bar and have a toga/Vote-Party there!
This is also where we will advertise things like our  Leaderboard (who is doing what and wants to tell you about it!) and our list of participating bars, once that is up and running. It will also be where we post our events, although volunteer positions will be on our facebook group.

T-shirt Contest!

There will be T-shirts! And if enough people vote/express interest, we may even make them so you can buy them!
The Back of the Tshirt will look like this:
TSHIRT.BACKThe Front, however … could be a variety of things! Below we have a few designs that We have already come up with. But hey – we are open to more!!!  Also, the words take up A Lot of the t-shirt on each design – which is what happens when Mike draws them out with a Sharpie – in real life they would look prettier and more subtle.

Have a look! Tell us which ones you like! You can post a response below, post it on our facebook page, tweet it to #VotePartyCanada, or send us an email to

Here they are!

As always, you can shoot us an email to or message us on facebook.  More to come, and happy trails!