Hello Hello!  So Remember, this site is about You! If you have any reasons not to vote – or if any of our responses below don’t ring true enough – then Dear God let us know.  We want to hear from you!

That said – going around trying to promote voting in a not-necessarily-ideal system, especially to often-disillusioned-youth … lets just say your hear a few of the same things Over and Over again, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal. (Hipsters, that is a Song as well as a Movie reference, bonus points if you get both.)  Here are a few of the things we hear – and here are the responses that we want to share with you.

1)  Political Parties don’t cater to my demographic. None of them care about us. So why Should we vote?
Excellent Point.  They don’t! And would anyone like to guess Why they don’t cater to our age demographic?  If you said, “They often don’t cater to our demographic because they know we don’t vote anyway so why would they” then you are correct!
So if that’s a problem for you – Try Voting! And if you get your friends to vote too, and enough of them do it – then watch the powers that be suddenly sit up and Beg for your attention.  Don’t like Any of them? Abstain! it sends a Very clear message.

2) But none of the parties really get me.  None of them really make me want them in.
Hey, I feel you – the parties are trying to get as many voters as they can. Obviously if you are seen as a potential voter (see point #1) they will cater to you More, but still – they’re trying to cater to Everyone in certain demographics, its not gonna be perfect.
That said
2.1) How hard have you looked? In the words of Da Ali G, “Don’t knock it ’till you [atleast know about] it.” Check into the parties, and see which one atleast-sorta-meshes with you.
2.2) When I watch Netflix, I go in knowing that there are very few shows that really “get” me.  Bojack Horseman, Arrested Development, and Archer are probably the number ones.  But there are also a lot of shows that I watch, because I like their general direction, and even though they don’t get me, I still watch them.  No party will fully get you: welcome to real life.  Find the one that best fits your vision for Canada, and give ‘er a vote.
2.3) Still No? Ok, well, maybe just find which one you hate and vote for whoever will defeat them?  It’s called strategic voting – not perfect, but its a thing.

3) I did all that, and I Still don’t like any of them. Canadian Politics Sucks.
You know what – maybe you’re right.  But don’t just sit there griping – Tell Them They Suck. Abstain your vote.  When you go to the polls, and you vote, and you check Abstain – you are sending a Clear message to the parties that you think they are pieces of shit.  It’s like staying home and not voting, only when you do it this way people actually give a f*** about your opinion.

4) The System is Flawed. 
Hey – you are not wrong.  It ain’t perfect. And with the current cuts to Elections Canada to make it harder for the young, the old, and the homeless to vote – its getting worse.  But here are things you can do about it:
4.1) see the steps for 1, 2 and 3
4.2) Get Involved – there are organizations like Fairvote Canada that are trying to change the first-past-the-post system. Here they are:  http://www.fairvote.ca . If you don’t like any of them – hell start your own, its a free country and we all have access to the internet. (I stand by that statement, as anyone who does not have internet access Probably isn’t reading this.)
4.3) Change Within the System: its what we’ve got. No, it ain’t perfect – but  Democracy actually has this great thing where you can Change it, within the system itself.  And unlike a Dictatorship, you don’t need to kill and be killed to do this.
How, you may ask?  By voting, my friends. 

5) Democracy itself is flawed.  It is the tyranny of the many, over the few.
You just Had to get all philosophical on us, didn’t you?  Well… you’re arguably not wrong.  I think you could also argue that its not really Tyranny if everyone consents to be in a system where the majority rules… but there are those who don’t, or who can’t. There are also the poor, the oppressed, the minorities… and there always will be. And that sucks.  But here’s what I can tell you:
5.1) Yeah, its flawed – but since that one time in Athens when someone came up with the idea… has anyone come up with anything better? Country after country has sent the same message – this is fairest system we have. People have been dying for this shit for years. 
5.2) Philosophically Speaking; 
I am going to call on the political philosophy of one John Stewart Mill of England, called “Utilitarianism,” wherein you try to maximize happiness for the maximum number of people, and as long as you are not harming anyone, then hey – you are doing allright. It’s a very practical philosophy (I mean, it comes literally from the word “Utility,” a.k.a. Usefullness) but personally I think he’s got a point. And democracy fits that bill pretty well.
5.3) Why not Win? Yeah, sometimes the party you don’t like gets in, and that’s frustrating.  But if you get enough of like-minded people out to the polls – you can atleast improve the chances of a minority government and mitigate the damage (lol).  But here’s the thing – when you Don’t vote, you are Letting Those Who Do Vote, Speak For you. You are literally bending over and saying, “Ok Majority, Tyrranize Me! Right in my Rights! Do it!” (Haha sorry – but I Love that mental image.)
This is why the current Tory government has made legislation to make voting harder for students, homeless and the elderly: so their (generally rich, middle-aged caucasian or occasionally rural) majority can “Tyrranize” the rest of us. (sorry, I generally try to keep my bias out of VoteParty, but this is just true).   … Should we just Let them??
Given a chance to be the Majority that is tyrrannizing, versus  the minority that is being shat on – well I’d like to atleast Attempt to win. Losing is shitty – but the response is not to try harder to lose. The response is to try harder to win.

That’s all I got for now – Again, Please! Post feedback! Post Reasons! Post on what things I have said up there that you think are dumb! I wanna hear it.  And thank for reading 🙂