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The Local-Bar Poster Challenge!

poster.jpegWe want You! to email a Vote-Party Poster to a bar near you! Or a bunch of bars! Or, print out a couple and walk them over to your favorite licensed establishment.  They get to be on our website, and may even have some people show up post-election: you get to feel good about  yourself – and maybe, if you are a smart operator, get a discount on pitchers for anyone who brings a vote-party there, yourself included 😉
Attached is the poster! Below are some steps and a template for sending it out! Join us as we conquer democracy, one poster-in-a-bar-window at a time.

List of Participating Bars: None yet! Because we literally just posted this!

1) download the flyer, below! (or make your own if you’d like, but that is fairly time consuming, so we’ve done it for you).

2) If you’re handing them out manually, print them off! If you are emailing them… save the file!

3) Here is some verbage you could use, verbally if handing them out, or in email form if emailing them. (Again, play with or re-write as needed, but that takes time, so here’s ours!)

My name is ( ______ ), and I would like to invite you to be a part of the election after-party with!  We are looking for bars to become Vote-Party Approved Locations.  Its very simple – if you put this poster up in your bar, it will remind people of the election and direct them to the Vote-Party site: it will show your establishment as one that supports democracy: Vote-Party will post your name, logo and address information in our list of “Vote-Party Establishments”; and to boot, you may even get some extra people showing up at your establishment over the election weekend!
All we need you to do is print out a few copies of  the Vote-Party poster, attached [unless ofcourse you are walking in manually to do this, in which case just give them the poster! obviously] and put it up, and I [as in you, the person emailing/talking] will let know that you are now a participant!  If you want more information, go to or check us out on Facebook and Twitter!  Also, if your establishment Loves democracy and just posting a poster isn’t enough for you, then contact vote-party at and we can work with you to throw a vote-party that will deliberately bring people in after the election!

Thank you, and #CelebrateDemocracy!

[Your Name]
Vote Party Canada

Finally, here is that last vital piece that you need: the Full Size Flyer!!!!!


You know we love to hear from you – let us know your successes and failures!  Email us, tweet us or look us up on facebook. Also please ensure that you let us know of any bars that Do put up the poster, so we can put them on the website! Finally, we will be throwing in a PRIZE – which will most likely be a Vote-Party T-shirt of your choice!
Happy Hunting,
Mike & Bex


The Party Page.

First things first:
How to Tie a Toga (ie. from a bedsheet)

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VoteParty NewsFeed

October 19, 2015 : the final address

Today in Canadian Politics!

September 15, 2015 (a) International Democracy Day!
the perfect day to release our 30 second promotional video. Its a little silly, but give ‘er a look!!!
Vote-Party: the Music Video!!!

September 15, 2015 (b)
Today is International Democracy Day!  Check out how VoteSavvy celebrated it – by posting their Epic #VoteMob!

September 14, 2015

Join us for… Vote Party: The Buzzfeed Quiz !!!!!!

September 1, 2015
Another “finally here” moment – advanced voting, is here for all y’all who want to get your vote on Now so October can be filled with Halloweeny goodness. Share this with the students in your life who will be away this fall!
Info on Advanced Voting

August 31, 2015
Its Finally Here!  
The CBC’s Vote Compass – the link where people can do a survey to see which party Really Gets you.  Have a look – this is one of the best tools we’ve found to answer the age old ‘who to vote for question!

THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS.  Not quite non-partisan, but so apt and so funny that I am posting it anyway. Enjoy!
Harpoon 2015 on Youth Apathy in Canada

August 17, 2015

The Globe and Mail Points Out Ontario’s Most Hotly Contested Ridings for 

August 8, 2015

Missed the Debate? Youtube Has You Covered

Source: Buzzfeed

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Vote-Party-Creator: Start Your Party

Time to Get Your Party Started!


Remember, Voteparty is about You. This is a tool for you to use to get Your friends, family, comrades and even  enemies, out to the polls (maybe in togas) and out to the bars after.

This can take any form you would like – houseparties (especially for you 18 year olds), campus-wide toga parties, bar-nights, bonfires, or sharing a cup of tea with your parents before you hit the hay.

We have divided things into several steps, to make them easier to conceptualize – and also so that we can give them each cool names! But that said, it’s all fluid – we want you to taylor your experience into the experience you want to have, and the results you will find satisfying.

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But I Don’t Wanna Vote!!! – Give us your reasons, and check out our FAQs

Hello Hello!  So Remember, this site is about You! If you have any reasons not to vote – or if any of our responses below don’t ring true enough – then Dear God let us know.  We want to hear from you!

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What We’re About

Vote Party: when you Vote (in a Toga) and then Party!!

What We, in an Ideal World, Want you to do:

1) Vote
2) Get your friends to come vote
3) Vote in a toga
4) Convince your friends its a good idea to vote in a toga
5) Send us Pics (if you want) because that’s hilarious!
6) After Voting, possibly in a Toga, move on to Partying in a Toga. Generally with your friends who you convinced to vote, although spending time with your cat counts too.

This site is about You.
It’s about you using the steps you feel comfortable with, to get the results that you will find fullfilling, be it getting an entire university campus out to the polls and a massive toga party, or getting one recalcitrant friend out voting and then sharing a glass of water with your cat before bed. We love it all. We are here to provide some inspiration, ideas and tools – but the momentum for this movement, is You and those like you.

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Canadian Politics 101: The How-To’s and Whats-its

Lets start here with two things we want to stand behind.

1) Vote Compass: Find the Political Party that meshes with Who you Are, and How you Role.  Because, Vote Informed – Right!
Check out Vote Compass!

2) Vote Party… The Buzz Feed Quiz!    Kind of like Vote Compass –  but just for fun 😛    Vote Party: The Buzz Feed Quiz!

and now…..   LINKS OF DEMOCRACY:

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Origins: The Ancient Greeks Liked It Before It Was Cool

Welcome, Internet!

Welcome to my page where I relate how Democracy began, solely on how I feel it went.

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